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Feb 3, 2022 | Articles, Press Releases

Preventive care providers such as nutritionists, biohackers and indeed all sorts of natural medicine doctors are usually the first to try new things as they need to find solutions that pharmaceuticals are not meant to. Similarly therapists who provide hands-on treatment—such as chiropractic, massage, or physiotherapy would often be into the latest research on rehabilitation technologies to improve outcomes for their patients.

Bioelectromagnetics and molecular hydrogen are some of the key wellness technologies that have constantly shown effectiveness in hundreds of studies. 

From our side at PEMF-devices.com, we’ve been busy trying various wellness tech devices to find the very best in terms of effectiveness as well as customer support, so that our families and readers can have at least some of the best tools to support their mental and physical well-being. 

PEMF – Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

PEMF is our primary preventive tool that yields excellent long-term results in terms of building resilience and being more productive no matter what your current health status. We offer a nice range of PEMF mats and local-application devices that are simply the best and are not overpriced nor loaded with useless features.

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Doctors might prescribe you PEMF systems and treatments that may go into several thousand dollars, however these are not those! Check out our complete PEMF range to learn more and order anywhere in the world!

Molecular Hydrogen

There has been amazing amount of research on molecular hydrogen and as per the available data, there could be benefits for the respiratory, cardio, nervous, digestive, reproductive, urinary and motor systems, perhaps because it works directly on cellular longevity. 

To see for ourselves, we’ve been trying different molecular hydrogen systems. The Hydrogen Inhaler Basic is light-weight (1.6 KG) and the Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Pro is a full power (11.4 Kg) molecular hydrogen system. Both provide hydrogen-rich water and molecular hydrogen inhalation and have no technical maintenance, you just need to add pure water. Check the links to learn more about these excellent hydrogen therapy products!

molecular hydrogen inhalation machines

Q Magnets

Q Magnets invented some of the world’s most powerful and effective therapeutic magnets and magnetic mattress pads for rapid pain relief. This magnet therapy technology is based on decades of research and developments by Neuromagnetics Australia in collaboration with US universities, neurologists and physiotherapists.

Q Magnets will amaze even those who have tried powerful magnetic therapy before, their 13,500 Gauss magnetic fields are further configured to have unique magnetic pole characteristics that are optimized for rapid pain relief. 

magnetic field therapy mattress

Light Therapies

Phototherapies have immunomodulatory effects. We are currently invested in 3 light therapy technologies – Cold laserVacuum UV (VUV) and Polarized light. Each does something different and the devices we carry are both – time-tested and innovative products. The VUV to zap surfaces, cold laser for pain relief and the latest – Polarized light is something incredible based on ancient science!

Polarized light improves recovery non-healing wounds and artificial wounds. It substantiates the healing process for dermal burns and ulcers. It can also enhance recovery from musculoskeletal injuries. 

polarized light lamps

I hope you find our finds and offerings worth exploring more closely. Our wellness technologies section has research articles on these technologies. 

We welcome your enquiries and also work closely with practitioners including physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, functional medicine practitioners and natural medicine doctors among many others. We also have special offers and opportunities for practitioners and distributors, so please reach out to us for the best deal.

As always, please feel free to write to us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you well. 

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