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Jul 25, 2022 | Press Releases

We are joining the AI Coalition to support efforts for the safe and transparent implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms in health care

Evidence Prime is the result of a collaboration between McMaster University – a leading Canadian academic institution – and a group of experienced Polish IT professionals. As a result, the company is on a path to becoming a market leader in creating innovative, evidence-based IT tools for healthcare professionals.

Evidence-based medicine faces many challenges, the biggest of which is currently information overload and chaos due to the high number of studies being conducted at increased speed. Furthermore, synthesizing the records required to make the right decisions is highly labor-intensive, slow, and very costly. Our achievements make it possible to reduce this problem significantly by accelerating the process of creating systematic reviews while maintaining the highest quality possible. Finally, it can contribute to the new emerging type of research – living systematic reviews. More information is available here: Artificial Intelligence in Evidence-Based Medicine: On the Verge of Breakthrough | Blog (evidenceprime.com).

Evidence Prime develops software to automate systematic reviews and other medical, health care, and environmental literature reviews using NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods. One of our projects is an EU-funded project – Laser AI. It is the next-generation tool aiming at realizing the concept of Living (always up-to-date) Systematic Reviews by synthesizing available knowledge about a given health problem in a living mode and with minimal human involvement. Moreover, Evidence Prime is also the creator of the world’s most widely used medical guideline software, GRADEpro GDT, which is chosen by over 100,000 users worldwide.

“We are joining the AI Coalition to support efforts for the safe and transparent implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms in health care”, points out Pawel Kunstman, Co-Founder and President of Evidence Prime.

The “AI in Health” Coalition is dedicated to artificial intelligence and innovation in health. It emerged as a response to the increasingly wider range of technological changes in AI, which also impacted the healthcare system, research development, and patient care. Evidence Prime is one of the 45 supporting members of the Coalition. The complete list of members can be found here: https://aiwzdrowiu.pl/#czlonkowie.

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