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Apr 20, 2021 | Articles

Blog posts are perhaps the most important assets for any online business today. Great blog articles not only engage your audience but also help you find new audience.

Creating blog posts regularly can be a daunting task, but with practice comes speed, and there should also be a process. When the process is well-defined and understood, productivity soars!

I’ve laid out a simple 3-step method to write great blog posts quickly. So I hope this helps!

3-steps to write great blog posts

  1. Define the purpose of the post – Title and summary

    The title should be the starting point that clears represents the content of the post. Try to keep the title as concise as possible and make sure it’s less than 70 characters. Don’t forget to research your keywords and include the main keyword in the title and descriptive summary. The summary or meta description can be upto 150 characters. You can use Word Counter to get the length right.

    writing great blog posts - title and meta description length
  2. Write a worthy and engaging copy

    This is where most new writers find frustration and un-ease. An easy way to get a starting point is to find existing high-quality articles. This process can be made much simpler and faster using a account. This AI based tool can generate some “seed” content for your post based on top ranking content on the internet and also set a style of narration based on some of the best copywriting practices.

    how to write great blog articles - tips

    Once you have a few hundred words that touch upon your topic, the next step would be to add your knowledge and give the post a good flow. The above method ensures you have two very important pieces of content in the post – what is already known (from the best sources on the internet) and the new knowledge from you. Wrap it all up in 600-1000 words and you have almost everything you need for writing a great blog post.

  3. Add media

    As per decades of research in the field of instructional design, a visual approach allows faster learning and recall of content. Images help you make an instant emotional connection with your audience and excite the neurons in all the right ways (with the right imagery of course!).

    So at least one main image for every article, to be used to go along with the title everywhere you post it. Additionally for every additional image or video you add to the post, reward yourself with one cookie (or a beer). Yes, that’s how much an audience member (and consequently the search algorithms) value it – cookie points for you!

    You can find some great copyright free and royalty free images from PixaBay or Pexels, although I really love it when the images are self created or original photographs. Don’t even think of ShutterStock, save the money and invest in a Press Release instead!

That’s how easy it can be! Don’t forget to have your copy reviewed.

I want to keep it really simple and it is really. You just need these 3 elements – title, copy and media well-crafted to make great blog posts. Sure, your first post might not be great, but as long as it covers the intent, best knowledge and your insight, it is indeed quite valuable!

Try to complete a 600 word article in less than 2 hours on good days. I personally can not write content everyday, as any creative art, writing is mood dependent. Don’t be too hard on yourself and use good authoring tools such as Microsoft Word to make sure your articles are grammatically correct and send them to a friend or colleague for a review before posting it. It’s always an excellent practice to have an additional set of eyes reviewing your content, it helps improve the language and make a more impactful copy.

The ability to churn out great articles and posts is a necessity for all health and wellness leaders and influencers today. There is a huge demand for your knowledge, but like any market you have to mobilize your resources (and creative juices) to produce results. I hope this article not only shows you how to write a great blog post article in under 2 hours but also motivates you to be more productive. It’s easy now, go for it – the world needs your wisdom!

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Siddharth Agrawal

Siddharth has over 15 years experience in marketing online wellness businesses. Sid has worked with the leading authorities in the wellness world including doctors, Spartans, Olympians, domestic & International Athletes, monks, Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities & their therapists.
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