Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhalation Machines

The Hi-Tech Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Pro is a full-featured hydrogen gas generator that provides molecular hydrogen inhalation and also allows you to make hydrogen-rich water at home. It produces up to 600 mL/min of pure hydrogen gas + optionally 300 ml of O2 and has ISO, water quality and CE certifications.

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Molecular hydrogen inhalation has anti-aging effects & use in neurological, cardiovascular, rheumatological and cancer conditions. To learn more read this research review article on Benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation.

We hope you enjoy this collection of hydrogen therapy products.

The Basic (225 ml/min), Ultra (900 and 1500) and the H2 + O2 3000 are perfect for hydrogen and oxyhydrogen inhalation and making HRW. These hydrogen inhalers are easy to use and can be used at any bed-side, desk or clinic. You only need distilled water and electricity to generate the gas.

3rd party safety and purity tested.

The output of the systems have been certified by recognized authorized labs. The systems are CE and ISO certified and are safe to use with some precautions during use (no static, no fire in the room, etc.)

The hydrogen electrolysis technology used in these hydrogen therapy machines have platinum, iridium and other noble metals as catalysts and coating of the polymer membranes. As a result, the flow rate and purity will not decrease over time. You can learn more about the PEM technology in our article on hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas or oxyhydrogen or brown’s gas inhalation research.

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Express delivery in US and insured international shipping to all other regions including Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, etc. All our Hydrogen inhalation machines, H2 & O2 Mixed Gas inhalers, and Hydrogen water machines come with 1 year warranty, free worldwide shipping and life-long support by product experts.


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