Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhalation Machines

The Hi-Tech Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Pro is a full-featured hydrogen gas generator that provides molecular hydrogen inhalation and also allows you to make hydrogen-rich water at home. It produces up to 600 mL/min of pure hydrogen gas + optionally 300 ml of O2 and has ISO, water quality and CE certifications.

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Molecular hydrogen inhalation has anti-aging effects & use in neurological, cardiovascular, rheumatological and cancer conditions. To learn more read this research review article on Benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation.

The Pro Hydrogen Inhalation machine provides up to 600 ML/min of 99.9% pure H2 gas. You can also get a combined H2 + O2 system that allows inhaling hydrogen and oxygen at the same time, allowing longer-term usage. These are some of the cleanest oxyhydrogen machines with some of the best electrolyzers that can run 8000-10000 hours. This means that one can run these machines for 4 hours per day for more than 5 years without the need of maintainence.

Also at this flow rate, you’re effectively receiving a high concentration of hydrogen for inhalation. The hydrogen inhalation machine has all the features of a professional system such as flow-rate control and in-built safety features.

If your budget is limited, have a look at the Basic Hydrogen Inhalation Machine. This provides a flow-rate of 150 ML/min that is sufficient for regular long-term health maintenance.

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Basic Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

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