This PEMF book is meant to be an essential starting point for practitioners and researchers who wish to learn about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy based on the current research and trends.



The author has worked with the leading authorities in the PEMF world along with partner Doctors, Biohackers, Spartans, Olympians, Domestic & International Athletes, Monasteries, Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities & their therapists. With a background in music, audio engineering, IT and marketing at an enterprise level, he has been working with PEMF since 2011 to improve the awareness of this astoundingly simple, yet incredibly effective technology which has the potential to improve the quality of life of almost anyone in almost any condition.

The PEMF book contains research review articles about the current research and developments of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Research review articles talk about the main areas of research and use of PEMF. Various conditions and applications have been discussed based on published clinical trials and studies in reputed journals.


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