Dr. Joseph Jacobs

Joseph Jacobs holds a doctorate of physical therapy degree from Dominican College in New York and the inventor of Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR) specialty. He is an Advanced Clinical Nutritionist (ACN) and a Functional Medicine practitioner and instructor.

Dr. Jacobs’ life ambition is to continuously develop and research new instruments, theories, and methodologies to revolutionize the medical industry in order to more quickly and effectively alleviate pain.

Dr. Jacobs continues to spread his knowledge and research by teaching doctors and healthcare providers worldwide through a variety of platforms, including speaking in TedX Talks and being featured in several magazines. Dr. Jacobs is trusted to offer long-term pain relief and effective ASTR therapy to patients from around the globe.

My story

I grew up in a modest home with both of my parents working multiple jobs to support me and my sister. I faced persecution and discrimination from birth as a minority in Egypt and was told I would never amount to much. 

At the age of 7, I was diagnosed with cancer. By God’s grace, I was cancer free a year later. At 18 years of age, I applied and eventually won the lottery to come to the US through great difficulty. I arrived in the US at 19 only speaking Arabic and worked as a security guard without any knowledge of the English language, while finishing my BA and doctoral program. I battled cancer again during my final year of the program and by the grace of God, I passed my board exams. I used to suffer from chronic migrainesheadachesfatigue, and pain and was very frustrated with the outcomes I was seeing using the traditional modalities I had learned in school. This is what led me to develop ASTR.​  

I have spent the past ten years studying, researching, developing and patenting new techniques and tools with the goal of providing long term pain relief for patients like myself who have tried anything and everything without success.

This is a shout out to all of you dreamers who are still waiting to see your dreams fulfilled! It may not happen today, next year or even within this decade. But never give up! Don’t lose hope! Persist!

ASTR Platform

ASTR (Biopsychosocial model) is a new treatment approach developed by Dr. Joseph Jacobs, Doctor of Physical Therapy, that treats pain at its source. Our patented tools gently break down scar tissue and fascia restriction, while reducing the inflammation that often causes chronic pain. ASTR addresses proper nutrition, inflammation, laboratory testing, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, lifestyle changes and exercises.

The platform offers many services including:

You may learn more on advancedsofttissuerelease.com

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