Since 1972, I have been a student of THE GOLDEN ONES. They have been training me in their teachings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL and the purpose of life here on Earth. THE GOLDEN ONES are the Co-Creator Gods’ administrators of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council. All souls coming to Earth are here to train to become a Co-Creator God. They have taught me different aspects and processes of Manifestation, using Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, interactions with Universal Mind, and connecting to the Heart and Mind of God. They now want me to share their teachings with as many souls as possible to assist in the soul’s Ascension.

My online platform – The Path to Oneness

I had over 35 successful years working in corporate America using the spiritual teachings I have and am still learning. There is so much we are not taught, the fundamentals of life, such as the proper way to breathe, how to think, the foods to eat and most importantly, how to treat others. But it goes way beyond these little techniques to who we really are and our purpose in life.

Most individuals are still asleep in their wakening bodies. Their primary purpose is to take care of themselves. This is not bad if they use their intelligence and consciously take the right action in every moment. Be responsible for themselves without blaming others for their role in life.

I work with individuals who really want to know: Who they are? Where did they come from? Why are they here on Earth? What is their purpose? What is the strategy to living in the NOW?

The Path to Oneness offers online programs, books and astrology readings based on the teachings of The Golden Ones.

  • Ascension Master Program
  • Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites
  • Books on How to Play the Game of Life (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Astrology and numerology reports for:
    • Career
    • Child
    • Soul
    • Couples

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