The Magnetic Brain & Key Areas of PEMF Research


Oct 3, 2022 | Articles, Press Releases

Biomagnetic therapies seem to be showing exceeding amount of research globally in the last few years. In 2021 more than 150 clinical studies were published on Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy alone. It’s interesting to see the scientists scramble to find out if the fountain of youth indeed does reverse aging and improve brain health.

Sure some cases are beyond repair even for PEMF, it is no miracle of God, but a 21st century invention born out of necessity. Astronauts in space need PEMF to survive. All biology has evolved in the electromagnetic field of the planet. The amplitude of the Schumann resonance magnetic field (~1 picotesla) is many orders of magnitude smaller than the Earth’s magnetic field (~30–50 microteslas).

Experiments and scientific investigations prove the coherence between the Schumann resonance field and biology. Neurobiological studies show that the resonance frequency of the hippocampus is similar to the frequency of Schumann resonance.

NASA was interested in the earth’s “heartbeat” from early on. Professor Persinger and other reputable professors such as Dr. Ludwig declared and considered this field as “biological norm”. Astronauts who left the ionosphere and re-entered earth suffered from strong physiological conflicts. Persinger recognized the problem and fixed it. He designed little generators, which transmitted the Schumann Resonances, for astronauts to carry with them and protect them. Concerning the earth’s magnetic field’s impact on the brain, the scientific studies from Caltech show that the human brain exhibits magnetic crystals. These are magnetite Fe3O4.

Electromagnetic signals within the brain or brainwaves are supported via biochemical systems. The Schumann Resonance affects the melatonin/serotonin balance. No wonder that PEMF is being researched for effects in several illnesses such as cancer, heart problems etc. There is also a plethora of research on brainwave entrainment using PEMFs.

Key areas of PEMF research

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has been extensively researched to reduce pain and improve sleep, nutrition absorption, mental health, bones, muscles, energy & balance! PEMF therapy’s effects are not just of healing, but anti-aging in nature.

PEMF research library

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