Tony Davenport

Tony is a certified energy medicine practitioner and understands our body’s bio-electric capacity for function. Tony entered the massage therapy industry with over 5000 hours of hands on neurological disability exercise rehab experience, certifications in kinetic anatomy, personal training, medical fitness, sports medicine, spinal cord injury rehab, disabled sports, a black belt in Taekwondo, prior pro boxing trainer, former US Marine and a profound ability to work with his hands.

Tony knows how to find solutions to your aches and pains, help you to recover from injuries, and be proactive with up to date methods surrounding injury management. He has a therapeutic practice that offers a variety of modalities to address neurological and functional rehabilitation following paralysis, or to improve wellness in and management of pain.  The use of a multi-modality approach to improve how one feels, helps regain lost movement from paralysis, and reduces pain levels dramatically.

The neurological component of services extend into exercise medicine based approaches, singlet oxygen therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, medical massage, orthopedic massage, rockblading (IASTM), SCENAR, Avazzia microcurrent biofeedback,  vibration therapy, and nutritional guidance. Tony Davenport is Pulse Centers Certified in high intensity pulse electromagnetic field therapy also.  All of those therapies currently available while neuro-linguistic programming, bioenergetic scanning and functional neurology training are underway currently as the owner, Tony Davenport, works to finish his Doctorate of Natural Medicine from Quantum University.

You can book session with Tony if you’re located in Atlanta or ask him for a teleconsultation on his website:

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