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Sep 15, 2022 | Articles, Press Releases

Our conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time. If we are thinking about the war in Ukraine, we can not be thinking about the reality we want to manifest in our lives. “Know the workings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity are constantly in motion. Stay positive and know God is in charge.”, says our good friend Tim Doyle, who is a fantastic being and spiritual guru.

At some point, we all need mental and emotional strength and no therapy seems to be working as well as it should. At such times having will power helps produce an inner calm which comes easily to me by connecting to the divine. Will power is quite subjective, it’s hard to resist our bad habits for sure! However we can be more resilient and make improvements as a whole by having wellness enhancing tools and practices.

The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ is often accredited to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus. It is now a fundamental principle of modern health care and common sense for most.

Back in 2012, I found sense in PEMF and still do! It’s non-invasive and quite safe considering that it utilizes frequencies which we are most used to, the low frequencies which keep us grounded. It’s no wonder that once the genie was out of the bottle, these low frequency magnetic field therapy techniques started seeing hundreds of studies and experiments globally for several conditions. We’ve been keeping up with the latest publications in PEMF research library and I’m also working on the second edition of my PEMF book. (Note to self.. will be happy to send a complementary copy to existing customers.)

Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant and smallest molecule in the Universe. Deep sea divers can survive at bone crushing depths by breathing hydrogen. The same H2 that runs the sun can heal us. Everyone needs hydrogen and it has huge potential to be a tool in any functional foods and medicine practice!

Hydrogen is the ultimate fortification, smaller electromagnetically than an electron, hydrogen is able to easily cross the blood-brain barrier, while simultaneously healing it too. No wonder it’s such a great neuroprotective, the brain loves it.

Inhaling hydrogen can disestablish the most fierce oxidative stress and inflammation. While PEMF therapy also reduces oxidative stress, Hydrogen will do more and better.

As per the available data, there molecular hydrogen therapy has benefits for the respiratory, cardio, nervous, digestive, reproductive, urinary and motor systems. 

Hydrogen inhalation puts the H2 in the blood which in turn reaches all receptors of nutrients in the body. Please see our article on molecular hydrogen inhalation to learn more based on clinical trials and studies from across the world. While hydrogen-rich water certainly would be a more soothing experience for the digestive system, inhalation provides exponentially more H2.

From our side at, we tried different molecular hydrogen systems over a period of 2 years and found these two machines to have the best set of features and authenticity. Both provide hydrogen-rich water and molecular hydrogen inhalation.

You may now order the Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhaler Basic and the Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Pro that provides higher output and more controls. Both provide hydrogen-rich water and inhalation and have no technical maintenance, you just need to add pure water. The Pro has an optional add-on to have 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen now. Currently both the hydrogen systems are at introductory pricing and shipping is offered free worldwide, so do take advantage of this offer!

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Hydrogen Inhaler Basic

Low-Level Laser / Cold Laser

In 1888, German physicist Hertz succeeded in demonstrating the existence of long-wavelength electromagnetic waves and showed that their properties are consistent with those of the shorter-wavelength visible light.

On the molecular level too, cold laser and PEMF are similar, their action mechanism induces similar biochemical changes, of course there are differences.

An interesting study from Egypt, compared the effects of PEMF and LLLT on particular cellular signaling pathways.

MAPKs are serine- threonine protein kinases that are activated by diverse stimuli ranging from cytokine, growth factors, neurotransmitters, hormones, cellular stress and cell adherence. They consist of three major signaling members, the extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)p38 and C-JUN N-terminal Kinase (JNK). ERK regulates mitosis, proliferation, differentiation and survival of cells and improves neuroplasticity while, p38 and JNK play essential roles in regulating inflammatory responses, neurodegeneration, cell death and pain sensation.

They found that PEMF has a more powerful healing effect compared to LLLT as it increased the activation of ERK, P38 and JNK while LLLT only increased the activation of ERK. LLLT was found to have more dominant pain relief effects than PEMF as it does not activate P38 pathway like PEMF.

Both PEMF and LLLT will provide basic ATP enhancing effects. I consider them like oranges and apples. It’s good to be able to attack the problem from different angles. Much like PEMF, LLLT benefits the entire body and we are now seeing innovation such as oral probe applicators to deliver this healing light and achieve more predictable outcomes.

In 2021, the Pediatric Medicine Journal published a case report studying the benefits of LLLT for tonsillitis. They concluded that LLLT may be a potential treatment option for hypertrophic tonsils, with potential applications into the fields of sleep medicine and otolaryngology for both adults and children.

We now have intra-nasal LLLT or iPBM (intranasal photobiomodulation) applicators and also in-ear. These two methods work particularly well for vascular health as they can open up the energy and circulation in the brain.

Talk about enhancing will power! Our LLLT Complete Cold Laser device is the very best, we have all 4 types of applicators in a single machine!

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